3 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

I wouldn’t say I was an Insomniac, but I diffidently had a hard time going to sleep and staying asleep. This went on for years, I finally, was tired of being tired all the time. I was brainstorming how can I improve my sleep. I have mentioned before how a lack of sleep can have negative health outcomes. Now, I want to share how I improved my sleep.



I finally, was tired of being tired all the time. Picture:Bekah Russom

I first figured out what was causing me to not get a good night’s rest. I am a light sleeper and noises would wake me up. My room is where the sun rises and in the summer the light would wake me up. Lastly, was to set a bedtime.

Plug Your Ears 

I don’t know because both of my parents are heavy sleepers then I got the recessive gene. Sometimes my ceiling fan will be too loud and wake me. I tried earplugs. I saw some at the Dollar Tree and thought why not? That’s my attitude for whenever I go to the dollar store, it’s a bargain. The earplugs block enough of the noise out and let me drift asleep.

There are different stages of sleep, the end goal is to get into a deep sleep state. That’s where all the good stuff, like our body’s restoring from the previous day. When we first fall asleep, we are in the early stages of the sleep cycle. It is easy to wake up during these stages. Earplugs have helped me get to the deep sleep stages and prevent me to wake up throughout the night.


Once, I put my mask on I mean business. Picture:Alexandra Gorn

Don’t Look into The Light

 I use to wear an eye mask when I was a kid. But, it was the small ones from Claire’s and didn’t do much, expect help make me into the diva that I am today. I did some investigating and found a sleep mask that, supposedly, gets you to stay in a deep sleep. It’s from Earth Therapeutic and it’s amazing. I bought one for my mother too, because that is how much I love it. I think why it works so well is not that it blocks out light, but gets you to focus on sleep. Once, I put my mask on I mean business. I’m going to bed, I’m not checking Instagram or worrying about what needs to get done tomorrow.

Stick to a Time

I am guilty of staying up late and watching whatever Andy Cohen is producing. Now, I stick to a bedtime and save the shows for later. I make sure to get 8 hours of sleep a night. I have my nightly routine, and stick to it. Having a bedtime is a great way to get you to prioritize sleep. You’re making a conscious effort to get to bed, it’s similar to setting a goal. Once you have the intention, you’re more likely to do it. A great tool to use is your phone. On the iPhone you can set a bedtime on the clock app. You can create reminders and have a wake-up time.


Having a bedtime is a great way to get you to prioritize sleep. Picture: freestocks.org

Since, I have been used these tips my sleep has greatly improved. You know when you slept well, when you wake-up the next morning and forget where you are. In all seriousness, we need our sleep. I think a lot of health professionals forget to mention we need quality sleep. You can get 8 hours of sleep, but if you keep waking up in the middle of the night it’s not effective. These tricks worked for me. Give them a try, but you might have to tailor it to fit your needs.

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