Healthy Breakfast While Driving

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yet, half of us skip it! New research shows skipping breakfast can impacting our health. Women who skip breakfast are more likely to develop diabetes. Our beautiful bodies need breakfast because it kick-starts our metabolism. Some of us need coffee to mentally wake up in the mornings. The same goes for the body needs a jolt to get it going. Eating a healthy breakfast can help maintain or lose weight. Breakfast eaters tend to be healthy eaters. Here is a healthy meal plan for breakfast.


Multi-Grain Bagel

A multi-grain bagel is a great alternative to the traditional bagel. It is lower in calories and more nutritious. Dunkin Donuts (so does Starbucks) has a great multi-grain bagel with 15 grams of protein! The great thing about multi-grain than a plain bagel is the fiber. There are 8 grams of Fiber in a whole-grain bagel. Americans are notorious for having low fiber in their diets. Fiber is great for weight-loss, diabetes and heart disease. For an even healthier breakfast, skip the cream cheese and put peanut butter on it. Even more low-cal would to eat half of the bagel and pair it with a banana or apple.


Stick with plant-based products like soy or almond milk while making a smoothie for fewer calories. Picture:Alison Marras


Smoothies are quick and healthy breakfast that anyone can make. The great thing about smoothies is they are easy to manage while driving. To make them more satiety one can add protein powder to their smoothies. Stick with plant-based products like soy or almond milk while making a smoothie for fewer calories. Smoothies are an easy breakfast option; even the busiest person can make one. Bolthouse Farms has a line of smoothies sold at grocery stores oppose to homemade. Smoothies are filling and a great way to start anyone’s day.


Garden Lite muffins are crazy good. Only 120 calories this a great healthy breakfast option for on the go. Made with zucchini and carrots and dairy free and gluten free Iron is an important mineral for women because. Iron deficiency anemia is common for us. Garden Lites Muffins have 20% of Iron that can help prevent anemia. Garden Lites sells different types of muffins like Banana Chocolate chip and Blueberry. The muffins come frozen so just pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds and they are ready to go. Another great muffin would be a whole-wheat banana nut.  Look for a muffin that is low-cal and not loaded with added sugars. 


 Look for a muffin that is low-cal and not loaded with added sugars. Picture:NordWood Themes

Breakfast Burrito

Amy’s Frozen Meals has a line of breakfast burritos. This company prides itself on providing healthy frozen meals. Their breakfast burritos are made with all organic vegetables. It’s low cal and low fat, no guilt associated with this healthy burrito. It’s another easy and quick breakfast food to manage while driving in the mornings. When looking for the perfect breakfast burrito stick with leaner meats like Meats have a bad rap with saturated fats and high protein. You can skip the meat and have a burrito with eggs and veggies, it will have less fat and more fiber.  Avoid eating a heavy meat dish in the mornings because of its high calories and save it for lunch.  

There is no excuse to skip breakfast because there are some great healthy options. It is hard to function on an empty stomach. Fueling our bodies in the morning will make the rest of the day will go smoothly. Skipping breakfast can cause someone tends to overeat the rest of the day to compensate. Eating healthy at breakfast can add as a motivate tools. Continue to eat healthy the rest of the day. Don’t go hangry in the morning and try one of these healthy breakfasts.

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