3 Tips for Ordering Your Coffee the Healthy Way

I love coffee too much. I also love going to coffee shops. There is something about a coffee shop. The atmosphere of everyone working or talking with one another. The smell of coffee roasting. The ambient music, but I’ve been to some coffee shops where it’s more of a rave then chill coffee time. I love my Keurig, but baristas just have the magic touch. I always had a feeling that my coffee addiction could be an unhealthy vice. In my first Nutrition class, we examined the calories in a Frappuccino. There are more calories in a frapp than beer! I remember in college I would drink a frapp as a meal. Then I saw the light, for a healthier coffee experience. Here are my tips for your next coffee run.


The smell of coffee roasting makes me feel better about life. Picture:Michał Parzuchowski

1. Milk

If you change your milk to skim, soy or almond, it can easily lower the calories in your drink. You won’t taste a huge difference. Especially, if you order skim. Almond or soy you might taste a difference if you have never had them before. But to be honest, it’s the first couple of sips and you’re fine. Order a more low-fat milk option can make you feel less bloated, because it’s not as heavy. Not only does it lower the fat but also cholesterol when you switch your milk. Added bonus, if you’re fighting a cold, then do your sinuses a favor and order a non-diary milk, to help with the phlegm. 


 Order a more low-fat milk option can make you feel less bloated. Picture:Brooke Lark

2. Size

Caffeine is my drug of choice. It’s not healthy to drink a large sugary caffeinated beverage every day. Even if you’re a zombie and need to kick ass in your 9 a.m. meeting. I will on occasion order a medium, but mostly I stick to a small. Think of your coffee as a liquid trick, not a necessity. Keeping your portions in mind can make that frap a special treat for slaying in the office all morning, not a lifeline. The larger the drink the more added sugars and fats with no nutritional value. It’s all about balance, and a large coffee every day is tipping the health scales in the negative direction.  I love a soy white chocolate frapp, but that’s if I do something really girl boss that I order it. When I do I make it a small.


Keeping your portions in mind can make that frap a special treat for slaying in the office all morning. Picture: rawpixel.com


3. Treats

There is something about a pastry with a cup of coffee. It’s the best pairing since PB & J. How can we keep our treat healthy without feeling guilty? Since coffee is low calorie you can treat yourself to a guilt-free pastry. My go-to is apple pie. If I am at a coffee shop with apple pie, it’s a healthier choice than a chocolate cupcake. It can be hard to tell how much sugar is in a pastry.  Try to stick with zucchini bread or oatmeal cookies. Something that is low in sugar and has some type of whole food in it. When in doubt, you can always split a piece of cake with a friend. You can always order your favorite pastry and maybe eat half and save the rest for later.

Remember coffee is an antidiuretic. Make sure you drink water to stay hydrated. I would recommend sticking to regular coffee as much as possible. It’s low calorie and less sugar. Every once and a while, then order the fancy seasonal drink. You can order sugar-free syrups, they don’t raise your blood sugar levels as much…..AS MUCH…. As sugar. Don’t depend on sugar-free coffee drinks to maintain your health. I love coffee, but I love my health more. These tips can help make your next coffee shop trip healthy. Which tip do you think you will use the next time you’re getting coffee?

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