Don’t Let the Flow Mess Up Your Pose

I remember there was an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashian, were Khloe is describing to Rob (this is when Rob liked being on TV) what it is like to have your period. I have never heard a more accurate description. 


Periods are one of the most painful experiences women can go through. I don’t think I could go through with childbirth, because my periods are torture. It’s not bad enough that it causes us physical pain, but the week before our bodies go crazy with Premenstrual Syndrome also known as PMS. Your face breakouts, you’re bloated and you’re on an emotional roller coaster. I am not a Yogi, but I do a class a couple times a month. One of the reasons, I started to do it was because of stress management. I was curious to see if Yoga can help with PMS like it does for other illness like Heart Disease.


PMS vs Yoga

One of the main causes for PMS is stress. Which lead researchers to examine if Yoga, a stress management tool could help women with their PMS symptoms. A study from the Journal of Caring Sciences published a study, the results were impressive. 90% of women who did the yoga intervention saw a decrease in their PMS symptoms. The women also experience weight-loss. Not only does it help with the annoying Aunt Flow, but it can help our overall physical health.


The main cause of PMS is stress. (Photo: Matthew Henry)

A Little Bit of Your Time

Before you go and buy a yoga mat, there is still more evidence to look at. We see that Yoga can help with PMS, but how much Yoga to see the benefits? A study by Journal Bodywork and Movement Therapies tested the duration of Yoga and its benefits. The women did Yoga for twice a week for 30 minutes. The trial went for 12 weeks. Women reported having experienced a significant improvement in their menstrual pain. I feel this is reasonable for any woman to do. Not, only would it help during your period, but your stress levels all month will be managed.

90% of women who did the yoga intervention saw a decrease in their PMS symptoms.

Save Money and Your Mental Health

Yoga is trendy. When something is trendy, especially in fitness, it’s expensive. There are some Yoga studios that charge $1000 for a yearly membership (cough, cough, Bikram, cough). I think that is ludicrous. I started Yoga in college and had to be resourceful. Here are some of my tips on how to practice Yoga when you live on a budget, like me.

  • Recreation classes
  • Yoga mat & accessories at Ross or TJ Maxx
  • YouTube Yoga 
  • Yoga Apps
  • Online Memberships (I got this and loving it)
  • Free classes (check on Facebook)



How many of us have left early from work or school because of PMS? It’s not fair for our periods to interrupt our lives. I even talked to my friends who say over the counter pain medicine doesn’t help them. What is a girl to do? I think trying Yoga out to see if it helps your PMS is a great natural way and also good for your physical health.

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