Sleep, something most people do not get enough of. What happens when we consistently lose hours of sleep? We go into sleep debt. Credit card and student loan debt are enough. Throughout the day our bodies produce Adenosine and when we don’t get enough sleep it stays in our bodies. This causes us to feel sleepy. Not, only does sleep debt affect our health, but it can also play a factor in our lives.


This is what life is like with sleep debt.

Health Risks

Sleep debt comes with some serious health risks and consequences. It’s reported to cost the U.S. $66 billion due to loss of productivity. When I don’t get enough sleep, I know I am not working on the blog today. I think we all can relate, when you don’t get enough sleep, you don’t feel like hustling. As much coffee, as one drinks to wake up your truly present. 100,000 traffic accidents occur from sleep deprivation. I know so many people from college who would get a few hours asleep and zombies the next day. I did that the first semester of freshman year and it was not for me. Our bodies need to recover and rest and sleep provide us with that.

  • A Suppressed Immune System
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches

Coffee can’t get you out of sleep debt. 
Source:David Mao

How To Get Out Of The Red

Adults need to get around 7-9 hours of sleep a day. Anything less than this would constitute as being in sleep debt. It’s not impossible to get out of sleep debt. If you, lose 2 hours or less of sleep, add an additional 15 minutes of sleep for two days. This will help to get out of the red. The less sleep you get, the more debt you accrue. Any long-term sleep debt would require you to sleep until you naturally wake up. If you’re trying to be a girl boss, you can’t afford to be a sleeping beauty while building an empire.

I value sleep. I feel a lot of Millennials don’t. There is no way you can survive without sleep.

I believe one way to get out of sleep debt is time management. When all my friends in college were pulling all-nighters, I was fast asleep. I didn’t see the point in pulling all-nighters, I rather get things done during the day and at night relax. I can procrastinate too, but I always planned my time accordingly. I value sleep. I feel a lot of Millennials don’t. There is no way you can survive without sleep. Sleep debt will catch up to you.

The amount of sleep can impact not only our health but also our lives. Think of all the times you want to do something, but were too tired to even try. All the plans you have to cancel because you were exhausted. Then wake up the next morning to see on social media everyone had a great time. Don’t be a sleep debt zombie. Check out Sleep.org for more sleep debt tips!

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