3 Reasons Not to Hate Cardio

I was on Snapchat the other day, chronicling my childhood as a lazy kid. I retold the story of how I would purposely buy a snow cone before the school’s weekly fun run, so I wouldn’t have to run. I would walk the entire fun run eating my snow cone. The P.E. teacher would yell at me to buy my snow cone after so I can actually run.

At the tender age of 12, I was not a fan of cardio. This continued until I was 17. I didn’t have a gym membership, but wanted to lose weight. I did have tennis shoes, so I went for a run one day. It sucked. But, I went again the next night and it wasn’t so bad. Soon I found myself running all the time. I become a cardio queen. I have mentioned what cardio is before, but there still is some apprehension towards it. I have seen the cardio light and here is why.


Cardio queen. (Photo: stocksnap)


If I’m not sweating during a workout, then in my mind, it’s not a real workout. This is not true, but to me, if I am going to workout I want to sweat and get dirty. Sweat is a good thing it helps boost our endorphins (our happy hormones). It also detoxifies the body. I just feel like I am getting my monies and time worth when I am dripping sweat for a workout. It’s like you’re purifying your body and ready to start fresh after exercising.

One of the reasons I didn’t like engaging in any type of physical activity as a pre-teen and early teen was because of sweat. I didn’t want to go the whole day sitting in my filth. In P.E. there wasn’t time to take showers like they do on TV. I found something that can help. I work mostly outside and it’s hot and I’m sweating like it’s hot yoga. I bought the Yes to Cucumber Facial Wipes. I use them for my whole body and they are amazing. I am adding them to my gym bag as well. If you don’t like sweat, but know you need to hit the gym, I recommended these.


Prevent sweating by horizontal running.


After a spin class, even an early morning class, I feel like I can take on the world. I become the energizer bunny and get so much shit done. Let’s talk about a runner’s high. I think one of the reasons I keep running is because you feel so good after. I might be huffing and puffing, but after my cool down I am like I can go another 10 minutes. Endorphins signal the body to keep going with the physical exertion. Once, we are done those happy hormones are still in our bloodstream and can give us an extra boost, unlike any cup of coffee can.


Post workout glow. (Photo:Drew Graham)

The Challenge

Cardio does take some build-up endurance. You can’t just go run a marathon. Cardio can be a bitch, but it’s rewarding. Nothing feels better than finishing something that is hard and making you work for it. I keep mentioning spin, but I am obsessed so bear with me. Cardio is tough because our hearts are working faster and so is our respiratory system. I sometimes get afraid, I am I breather to hard, should I slow down? I think it’s all in our heads and our bodies natural response to be apprehensive. 

I got over my intimation of cardio; by finding an activity that I enjoyed that didn’t make me feel like I was dying. Running on a treadmill makes me feel like I’m workingout. When I am running on a track I don’t feel like I am exercising, I feel happy and enjoy it. I tried some HIT classes and it was not for me, I rather go for a run. I also love a good spin class, so go figure. Cardio sucks because you probably haven’t found a challenge for you yet.


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