5 Reasons to Take a Spin Class

Last summer, I was walking in Tribeca and saw all these people in workout clothes, mostly Ivy Park. I looked to my right and saw it, SoulCycle. I have heard so much about it but never thought I would be face to face with it. My New York trip was complete after seeing it. I have taken spin classes for the past four years. Did you know a professional cyclist, named Jonathon Goldberg, created indoor cycling? Step Aerobics didn’t last past the eighties, but indoor cycling did.

A spin class consists of a stationary bike and simulations of situations that might happen when cycling like hills. Classes can range from 50 to 60 minutes and there is always an upbeat instructor to guide you through it. These are my 5 reasons on why you need to take a spin class.


  1. It Makes Cardio Fun

Some traditional forms of cardio can be a little boring after a while. I have not been to a spin class that wasn’t fun. Especially now, in the past couple years indoor cycling classes are now like nightclubs. There is loud music playing and crazy lighting. I think the group atmosphere also makes it fun, because it’s nice to feel supported. Everyone is there to workout and push themselves; there are only good vibes in a spin class.

  1. Go Your Own Speed

Don’t feel scared or intimidated when you go. The great thing about indoor cycling is you set your own tension on a bike. Everyone has a different pace and no one can know what your tension is set at. It’s your workout and if you want to go all out or not at all it’s up to you. I have never felt judged in a spin class. Most of the time people are focusing on the instructor, so don’t feel like all eyes are on you.

The great thing about indoor cycling is you set your own tension on a bike.

  1. Meet People

You don’t know how many times I have had to ask the stranger next to me to help adjust my seat. When you’re sweating together, there is an unspoken bond that forms. I also take a friend with me and we can bond over sore butts for the next day. I like inviting friends that I don’t see that often. I feel everyone is super busy, but we can make some time to workout and hang.

spin pic.png

When you’re sweating together, there is an unspoken bond that forms. Photo:canva

  1. New Gear

I mentioned the sore butts, this leads us to biker shorts. After, my third class I knew it was time to invest in shorts. I don’t own a pair, but there are also special shoes for cycling too. I have tried them and they clip into the pedal and you don’t have to worry about your feet slipping. In general, I think buying workout gear acts like motivation. If you’re buying gear you want to use it and not waste your money.

  1. It’s a Full Body Workout

I have noticed indoor cycling classes have changed their format. Now, it is a full body workout with an emphasis on cardio. There are classes that incorporate weights, toning the arms while your heart rate goes up. Sometimes I feel it more in my arms than I do with my legs. It also uses a lot of core too. What else do you want from a workout?


I am not going to sugar coat it, a spin class is challenging. You feel so good after, I never feel more satisfied than I do after a spin class. Pushing yourself and working through the pain and finishing strong, it makes you feel like you can take on anything. Grab a friend and sign up for a spin class. I would check out Groupon there might be some studios that are having some deals. Leave a comment and tell me your experience with cycling.

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