Vegan Mashed Potatoes

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and what would it be without mashed potatoes? My whole life my mother would make homemade mashed potatoes with our meals. We never had packaged potatoes. My mother can whip up a good and creamy mashed potatoes. This is surprising because my mother can’t cook anything else except for cheesecake. My … Continue reading Vegan Mashed Potatoes


Sleep, something most people do not get enough of. What happens when we consistently lose hours of sleep? We go into sleep debt. Credit card and student loan debt are enough. Throughout the day our bodies produce Adenosine and when we don’t get enough sleep it stays in our bodies. This causes us to feel … Continue reading #SleepDebt

Tasty Fruit Salad

Salad can taste good. James Beard once said, “too many simple green salads suffer from a lack of imagination.” I don’t know who James Beard, I just googled salads quotes and this one stood out to me. I see what James is saying; salads can lack some culinary creativity. Salad haters are right who wants … Continue reading Tasty Fruit Salad


All right, it’s time to share a story. A couple of years ago I went to my doctors for my annual physical. My P.A. ordered the standard blood panel. After getting the test done, I was called in. My P.A. went over the results with me. She explained to me that my Ac1 (blood sugar) … Continue reading Pre-Diabetes

WTF is Gluten?

One of the biggest misconceptions in health is gluten. I don’t know where this anti-gluten craze came from. Was it when Miley Cyrus started to talk about her gluten-free diet that the trend began? Maybe, it was when Cheerios unveiled they were going gluten-free as well? Either way, it has taken on a life of … Continue reading WTF is Gluten?

Summer Smoothie

Memorial Day is a few days away, which means it’s summer time! Now, my appetite in the summer is non-existent. It’s so hot sometimes I don’t feel like eating anything but ice cream and eating ice cream every day is not healthy, even if the ice cream is vegan. So in the summer time I … Continue reading Summer Smoothie